Motorcycle HP

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Motorcycle HP

not sure if this was the right place to post but I just want other opinions.

looking for my second bike, first was a 1979 Honda cb650 and the bike im looking at now is a 2013 Yamaha FZ6-R. really my only thought is basically the same size engine why the 2013 nearly 40 years of tech only has 15 more HP and 4 more ftlbs of torque than my old Honda. My buddy has a 2003 suzuki 600 with 50 more hp than my old honda. so is yamaha crap or have they not figured something out?
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If you feel that the Yamaha is inferior, why waste your time considering it.
I've got a 1300 cc twin which only produces about 65 hp. It should be about finding the bike to fit your needs, not complaining because some do not.
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wow, my 79 650 which was actually only 623cc had 63 hp. how does an engine twice the size not have more HP? yes yes, I know torque matters also but golly.
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And it's not all about peak HP. How wide is the torque band and HP range? In other words, how much is usable in normal driving?

Does your old CB650 easily rev to 9800 rpm? Somehow I don't think so. The FZ is a short stroke bike. Normally that means great throttle response, kinda what you want in a sport bike.

I'd lay odds 10/1 that the FZ would kick the CB butt in every matchup.

Can you get more HP, sure. Can you get more tech, also sure. But you'll be paying more for either one.
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I have two nearly identical lawn tractors used for mowing. One has a 25 hp gas engine and it struggles at times to power the 54" deck through heavy grass. The other mower has a 24 hp diesel and has no trouble with a 62" deck. Horsepower is sometimes just a number. Good for brochures but can mean little in the real world.

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