Removing Exhaust Header Bolts without Breaking Them

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Removing Exhaust Header Bolts without Breaking Them

HI Guys, anyone have a good procedure to get this out without risking breaking them off. Thanks!
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Soak it, soak it, then soak it some more with something like PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench, giving it a rap with a small hammer from time to time. Give it a couple of days to work. Spray it multiple times and give it a rap. After a few days, gently try loosening it with a tightly fitting allen head socket. You can try tightening it slightly first also, then see if it backs out. If it doesn't, you'll need to apply heat directly to the head of the bolt with a propane torch and try it again. Don't force it or you may snap the head and then you'll be looking at a machine shop job.
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Agreed, you want to prep it with a penetrating solvent.

I disagree on one thing - I usually use a torch on the block AROUND the bolt,
but I apply ice cubes to the bolt head-
Idea being, I want the threaded hole in block to expand, I want the bolt to contract.

You go through a fair amount of ice cubs, and want to wear leather work gloves since you'll be close to the hot engine.
Or, try applying ice cubes to the heads of the bolts just after you shut down the engin.

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That's a great idea. Can I just run the bike to get it hot, then cool the bolt heads with ice or water..
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Whichever method you use, apply some anti-seize to the threads on re-installation for easier removal next time.

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