Solar powered trickle chargers

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Solar powered trickle chargers


I need some info, advice and opinions.

Looking get a 12 volt solar trickle charger for the ATV. Seems like there are two basic types. Those that are rated at approximately 1.5 watts to 3 watts and those range from around 10 to 15 watts. One would assume the higher wattage units would be better but then what are the disadvantages of the lower wattage units if any? All seem to have good reviews.

Most come with batter clips and power port adapter, but some are hard wired. Some have a blocking diode (Why? What does it do?). Do I need over charge protection?

The units I’m considering are:

Have any of you used these type of items? I’m open to suggestions.

more info:

The ATV (UTV actually) will be parked in the woods behind the cabin and left for weeks unattended. Although not in direct sunlight for any length of time the area will get some direct sunlight at late morning early afternoon. This charger will be left in place for weeks at a time perhaps 3 to 4 weeks in a row. Last year (since it was new) I never had a problem with starting it through out the summer. But I stored it in my garage over the winter and used a trickle charger during these past 5 months and periodically started the unit. Without the charger being used the battery would definitely gone dead. I just had the unit serviced at Cabelas this past week and everything is in good shape.

I did have several soft tire problems last year and mentioned it to them. Since no physical damage or leaks could be detected on any of the tires they suggested I put in GREEN SLIME on all tires to prevent any leaks. I do have a portable generator that I keep on hand.

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Title fixed.

If there is no draw off the battery when not in use..... I'd use the small 3-5w charger. It only takes a small bit of charge to keep the battery charged.
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would also want a low powered charger probably 3w or even less most all of them if designed to be hooked directly to the battery should have a diode to prevent discharging the battery larger panel like 10 watt may not and be more likely to be used with a charge controller.

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