Stripped clutch bolt

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Stripped clutch bolt

Hi - I have a trail master go kart with a tourney converter that is stuck. My son tried to remove the driver pulley and he stripped the heck out of the bolt that holds it onto the engine shaft. We have tried everything...

- soaked in wd 40
- heated bolt up with torch
- sharpened big screwdriver and tried to hammer it like a chisel
- Irwin stripped bolt extractor sockets

I bought a lot of kapex grip wrench and that seems to be best. But the engine turns over and the shaft spins. There is a channel on the washer but i can get anything to engage enough to allow me to break the bolt free. Iím about ready to give up and just get a new engine !

See picture for more details but I welcome any suggestions...and I donít know how to weld or have welding equipment!

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Unless you find someone that has expressly used that TC..... you need to help us (or me) out a little.

I used this video as a guide to the system..... many other similar ones posted there.
you tube/watch?v=d8FjsupiCwg

For removing stubborn/rusted/frozen parts..... WD-40 is useless.
You want to use Liquid Wrench or a rust eater in the PB blaster line.

I see what looks like the remains of a threaded bolt. Was there just a nut on there ?
A threaded bolt would indicate the TC spins off. I'd expect a keyway but maybe not.

If that TC can be pulled straight off without having to spin it.... use a three claw gear puller.

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First make sure you're turning it the right direction. It may have opposite threads to counter the rotation of the shaft.

Heating the bolt won't do a lot, unless you can drop the temp of it suddenly. There is some "Freeze Off" penetrant that's made for that sort of thing. I can't say I've ever had great luck with it.

A mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid gets some high fives and it works pretty well.

Just plain PT Blaster is my main freer upper. I would use that but before you spray it on whack the end of the bolt a couple times with a hammer. Then spray the PT Blaster and let it sit for an hour or so.

To keep the crank from turning stuff a nylon rope into the spark plug hole. That will stop the piston from coming up.
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Originally Posted by Drosner
stripped the heck out of the bolt that holds {driver pully}it onto the engine shaft.
Is it this assembly?

Originally Posted by marbobj
Heating the bolt won't do a lot, unless you can drop the temp of it suddenly
I have a 1" steel pipe as a breaker bar extender, it's just the right size that you can fill it up with ice cubes and set it on an exposed bolt, the ice cubes melt and slide down keeping the bold head cold, so you can apply heat to the metal around the bolt with a propane torch. Takes a few minutes, just keep dropping ice cubes in.

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