Too much play in steering wheel


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Too much play in steering wheel

I use a 22h46yt poulan pro mower. as stated in the title the steering wheel has excessive play. I looked and found a little "collar" along the steering shaft that fits into a bracket (see pic in link, page 12) was not seated as it should. I re-seated the "collar" but as soon as I turned the wheel it came out of position. I can't think of any way to keep this thing in place. Any ideas?
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This is the pic mentioned above.
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What is the number of the collar you are referring too?
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I think I have that same Steering Gear on an MTD/Agway rig, and there's a bolt/washer that goes into the end of the Steering Wheel Shaft below the Sector Gear, and is accessed from below the Chassis. I don't see it represented on your schematic.

It may have fallen out.
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That looks very similar to what I remember about a neighbors Cub Cadet mower that he had the same problem with and asked me for help. That was a couple of years ago, so am struggling a bit to remember, but am sure that the problem was the gear at the bottom of the steering wheel shaft not maintaining full contact with what I am going to call the sector, or item #35 on your drawing. Anyway, there was a bronze bushing with a hex shape on the outside that slipped into a hex shaped hole in either the chassis or the sector, and that bushing was egg shaped on the inside where either the shaft or a bolt went through it. Sorry for being so vague, but, again, it looks very similar, so you might try seeing if you can find that hex shaped bronze bushing and, if you do, I think you will very close to the culprit. I remember him saying something like it wouldn't have happened if they had used a steel bushing, but, as I told him, I imagine they use the bronze bushing so that it will wear and can be replaced, as opposed to breaking gears or other more expensive components. As I recall, I don't think that we had to pull the steering wheel shaft all of the way out, but did have to loosen some brackets or whatever and pull it part way up to be able to see and reach whatever it was we needed to do.
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#13 is called a washer on the parts list and is most likely what i am speaking of. at least in that location

@ Vermont

yes correct...schematic not pic could not think of the word.

It is just plastic disc, that fits around the shaft and is seated in #22 it is not bolted on or fastened in any way
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This has always been a weak point on MTD riders.
IIRC, the lower shaft is held in place by a pin, #64 that joins the upper and lower, the upper is then held in place by the steering column.
Generally I see the wear begin with #35/58/60, then it just cascades into the parts you are noticing.
Best way to find out is to disassemble those see what all is worn including the frame both places that it pivots on.
Get the deck and steering column out of the way and you should be able to get to everything.
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