Refurbished chainsaw advice


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Refurbished chainsaw advice

I'm not generally interested in anything refurbished but am starting to consider a refurbished chainsaw. I'm willing to spend around $225 but am finding it difficult get a chainsaw with sufficient power in a quality brand at that price. Instead, for well under $225 I can get a considerably better refurbished model.

I'd appreciate input on what to look for when buying a refurbished chainsaw. What is refurbished, anyway? How can I tell whether it was refurbished by the manufacturer - assuming that's important?

BTW, I have a few wooded acres and will be using the saw for clearing after storms - maybe 10-20 hours a year.
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I would just get a Poulan Pro with an 18 inch bar and not worry about the refurbished. The life of that saw, at that rate of useage will do fine.

The key to the longevity without a lot of problems is how you take care of the gas and storage in the off useage times. That has nothing to do with the high dollar vs mid grade saws.

However, if you plan on buying, using and selling a few times, there are other saws that have better resale.
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What is the diameter of the largest tree you will cut?

I am partial to Husqvarna. I own two of them. Have not had any problems with either one.
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"Refurbished" can mean many things . . . . often it just means that someone bought it and returned it. I've bought a lot of things that were re-furbished, from TVs and Computers to Radios and Water Pumps, even Electric Hand Tools and Lawnmowers Mowers (but not a Chainsaw) .

When asked why people return items, it's often because the instructions were too complicated, or they found it for a cheaper price and returned the Original Purchase.

Though they're not sold anymore, I have an old 14" Homelite Super 2 Chainsaw that I bought new in 1977. Though I once used it a lot when I owned places back in the woods, I hardly use it now; but I see that I have 3 or 4 chains, and lots of Bar a& Chain Oil. I would recommend it if you can find one in good condition.

Why would I go out on a limb with Homelite . . . . I recently had a large tree come down in a storm, and realized that I had let this saw sit unused for well over 10 years . . . . and now needed it. I took some time to dust it off, wash the air filter sponge a little, slosh some clean fuel around in tank, screw the needles in and out a couple times, adjust the chain and put a clean properly gapped (not new) spark plug in it and then said a prayer and pulled the recoil starter a couple times.

It started up on the 3rd pull . . . . what a trooper !

It was more prepared to do the work than its Owner.
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Vermont,I too have a Homie Super EZ probably purchased in the late 60's and you can't kill it, I wonder what the quality is now that they are sold at the Big Box stores.
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I did not know that "they" were being sold again !

Probably someone bought the "Trade Name" rights, just to market a knock-off.

I don't go out of my way to kill these units; but if anyone could, I think I would. Mine now has a brand new chain, and I just bought a 3/16" file so that these old chains can be brought back into service.

I must be sub-consciously planning for the big one !

I'm reminded that I killed a Homelite String Trimmer just a few years ago after only a couple hours of usage when the muffler rattled itself loose and rendered the head ruined because the mounting holes were enlarged beyond the limits of a helicoil . . . . so it can be done. The muffler on my chainsaw has never even been off in 40 years and I intend to keep it that way.
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I have a hard time recommending any of the box store name brand stuff. The cheaper saws are usually a disappointment right out of the box to me. Maybe because I've used good saws and the difference is so blatant but to someone who doesn;'t't know, maybe a cheap saw will be suitable enough. I have no question what I would do if $225 was my budget for a saw. I'd go to craigslist and find myself a good stihl 029 or husquvarna 55 in clean running condition and pocket the change. So much stronger, more dependable, able to sit unused without as much carb problems, faster, and a pleasure to use in comparison to bargain store junk.

Edit, nevermind... I see you bought a battery powered saw in a different thread. Good luck with it.
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