Installing skid shoes for stage-one snowblower.

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Installing skid shoes for stage-one snowblower.

Almost all stage-one snowblower have no skid shoes. Is it possible to add a skid shoes to a stage-one blower. If you don't know the difference between stage-one and stage-two, please look it up before answering. And just for your info I'm from the north.
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I know the difference between single and two stage units, but don't know why there would be any difference in shoes. And I don't know why "almost all stage-one (assume you mean single stage) snowblowers have no skid shoes", except that possibly cost, as well as the fact that there is probably an assumption on the part of the manufactures that single stage units will be used on smaller areas, not as likely on rough surfaces such as gravel, etc. But shoes are not a whole lot more than a piece of angle (available at any hardware or big box) with a couple of holes that match up to a couple of holes in each side of the blower. The holes in either the angle or machine would typically be slotted in order to allow height adjustment, and the leading edge of the bottom side of the angle would typically be beveled a bit so that it floats over high spots, but otherwise a pretty easy project. Or you could buy shoes for about any machine at a local dealer and simply drill a set of corresponding holes in your machine.
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I have a 2 Stage Blower for my driveway; but use a Toro Electric Single Stage for 700 SF Deck and a few shallow roofs.

I think skid shoes on the single stage would gouge the wooden decking and catch on the asphalt shingles of the roofs.

There's hardly any weight on the scraper blade of the Single Stage and it always gets very close to the surface I'm clearing.

MY 2 Stage would require constant adjustment to get that close to the surface.
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I've made shoes for my single stage blower so it can be done. I welded two pieces of steel in a T shape with the top of the T being the flat shoe that slides across the ground. I milled slots in the vertical part of the T for height adjustment and bolted them to the side of my snow blower. You could do something simpler by simply screwing strips of wood, plastic or metal to the bottom of your blower.

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