Push mower chain of events

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Post Push mower chain of events

At my Wits end with a push mower I've been trying to get working. I almost just bought a new push mower to skip past this part; the fact that is had one year of light usage and my desire to learn more DIY forces me to stay.
I have an MTD YardMachine (Model: 11A-A56R729) with a Briggs & Stratton 500E/140cc engine (Model: 09P602-0023).

Problem: Current issue is the engine sputters and there is a little gas that seems to leak into air filter.
(Also blade adapter allows the blade to come loose. Blade adapter is chipped and I'm replacing it but wasn't sure if stutter/sputter led to the issue at all).

Background: Engine was in long term storage (1 season used, 4 yrs stored) and likely not stored properly (I wasn't there when placed). At first it had progressive issues, in no particular order, didn't start, had difficulty pulling handle, smoked, sputtered. I have done the following:
  1. Removed spark plug, pulled handle to fix hydro lock
  2. Drained, replaced oil
  3. Removed and Cleaned carburetor, including verifying that float pin stops flow, snapped in, centered, etc.
  4. Replaced air filter & cleaned/seated primer nipple
  5. Cleaned spark plug
The previous items fixed hydro lock, then white smoke issue, then general light smoke (prob spilled oil).
Between every video and Google search I can muster, I thought I'd found and worked to fix. Better over time but my concern is that there is something internal; then again, I might just be new to all of this. First time I've done any of the above items myself. This forum seemed super helpful and is my last resort before I just start from scratch.

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Was it stored with gasoline still in the tank, carb and fuel lines? I'm guessing so since gas is leaking into the air cleaner. Ethanol gas is notorious for eating seals, gaskets, and hoses. When you removed and cleaned the carburetor did you use a rebuild kit, with all new seals, gaskets, float, etc.? If not, buy a replacement carburetor and swap out the entire carb. If you haven't already, you probably need to replace everything rubber, plastic, silicone, etc. from the fuel tank to the cylinder head, including the gas filter.
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If you can get it to run try putting in some Seafoam gas additive into the tank and run it through, I have had good luck with it. Next fall when you store it make sure you use it in the gas prior to putting it away.

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