Help Me Choose- Cordless Electric Mower or Electric Start Gas Mower


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Help Me Choose- Cordless Electric Mower or Electric Start Gas Mower

Hi. I am trying to figure out if a cordless electric mower or an electric start gas mower would be better for me. I am from New Jersey. I have about 5,000 square feet of lawn, about 2,500 in the front and about 2,500 in the back. I have 3 trees in the front and 2 trees in the back. The grass does not grow fast, so I only have to mow it about 6-8 times during the cutting season.

I am currently using a corded electric mower. I like knowing that it will start consistently and that it is pretty light. I dont like watching out for the cord and the cutting blade is on the shorter side compared to most mowers, 19 inches I think. Before the corded electric, I used a gas pull start mower, but I gave up on that mower, because even with tune-ups, it was a pain to get started, if I could even get to start at all.

So I am wondering if you think a cordless electric or a electric start gas mower is the better choice for me. Cost is a factor, both initial cost and maintenance cost. I want to spend less than 300 on the mower if possible. I got my corded electric one used for like 45. If you have make and model suggestions, that would be great too.

Thank you for your insight.
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I don't think a cordless mower charge will last long enough to finish unless you have a secondary battery in the wings.
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Cordless mowers are great but cheap they are not. I agree that you probably will not be able to mow your lawn on one battery or charge with a cordless electric. To make matters worse the mowers with longer run times are expensive and the batteries are very expensive to replace or to buy one as a spare. In your case I would stick with the corded electric. The cord is a pain but it sounds like you don't use the mower very often.
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I mow more than a couple acres . . . . but I don't do it just to get it over with; and I always mow in Low Gear.

The faster you go, the lesser the quality of the cut, so if you move fast enough, you might be able to knock that 5000 SF out in one charge of the battery; but the lawn may not be ready for Better Homes and Gardens . . . . those are the trade-offs.

Maybe you take your time, charge the battery in between front and rear lawns ?
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i just wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience with me. It will help me to make a final decision.
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