snow blower

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snow blower

I have a 10 yr Ariens snow thrower that has two issues I would like opinions one, is that it takes 5-6 pulls to start cold,and why does the hand pull start some times will prevent me starting. sometimes this method locks up pull cord
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I have a Toro with a 5HP Tecumseh. It will NOT start with the pull cord. It may if hot but never cold.
I put an electric start on it years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.
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Unlike PJ I bought my snowblower with electric start and never used once. My Arien's is 17 years old. The only good thing about it is it starts first pull every time. Never ever had a start problem. But the machine overall is junk. Had to rebuild the transmission three times.

As far as your problem goes all I can offer is it may have to do with the way you store it. One bad year in storage can ruin the carburetor. I would suggest rebuilding or replacing the carb and get a new spark plug and gaped to specs. Store the unit in summer with a completely dry (including carb) gas tank. Change oil at least every two years. Also always use a gas stabilizer.

There are two schools of thought about storage. Those that say fill the tank and carb to the brim and keep it air tight and those that say keep it dry. Gasoline will degrade over time, even with a stabilizer. So I say keep it dry.

As far as the pull start locking up, I'd say you have a defect. Or the piston gets stuck in a compression position. Other engine experts can comment on that.

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