Dixie Chopper

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Dixie Chopper

I bought a brand new 60" Dixie Chopper a few weeks ago and thought I was getting a deal when I saw the price.
I hated it from the first time I tried using it.
It's impossible to drive in a straight line, way to slow, poor cut, cup holders to small, gas hog, loud, to light in the front end, very poor traction, even at slow speeds this has a mind of it's own and wanders all over the place.
(Keep in mind this is my 7th Z turn and 4th brand I've owned so I do now how it should handle)
The day after I bought it someone asked me you do know there going out of business, right.
Sure enough Textron the company that owns them is shutting it down because of the competition.
I took it back to the dealer when it only had 7 hours on it and told him all my concerns and told him I wanted to trade it for new 60" Ferris that would cost me almost $2000.00 more, and he refused.
This a dealership that I spend about $10,000 a year at.
I lucked out and found someone with a brand new 54" Kubota with only 40 hours on it that was looking for a bigger mower so we traded even.
It's far faster, two cup holders for some reason, head lights, floating seat, and cuts perfect even at full speed in 6" tall grass.
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Glad it worked out in the end for you.....

Last year, I bought a new Exmark Radius 54". I'd buy another one although there are some basic things I would like to see improved.

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