Chain saw

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Chain saw

I have a Husqvarna 18" chain saw, Model 450. Recently the chain came off and it wouldn't go back on the bar when I tried. The chain wouldn't fit in the slot on the bar. I bought a new Husqvarna chain on Ebay that was listed for a 450. I also bought a new Husqvarna bar at Lowes that also says it's for a 450. However, when I tried to put the new chain on the new bar it also would not fit into the slot. What am I doing wrong? I can understand if perhaps the old parts wouldn't fit because perhaps either of them were bent, but I don't understand why the two NEW parts don't work together. Thanks.

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What am I doing wrong?
Holding your tongue out of the wrong side of your mouth ???

Hard to say without seeing but you must be doing something wrong. The chain should slip right into the groove on the bar. Does it go in any? Have you tried to put the chain in the groove with the bar loose from chainsaw? Double checked to make sure there is no debris in the bar? What brand is the bar? chain?
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If the chain came off while under power the chain likely got damaged.
You would have to replace the chain as well.
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The chain wouldn't fit in the slot on the bar.
I worked for a landscaper/arborist for several years.
I've changed A LOT of chainsaw blades.
I've ALSO cleaned out a lot of chainsaw grooves.

As the groove in the bar gets filled up with sawdust, oil and gunk, it stretches the chain AND also pushes the chain further and further up until the chain won't stay in the bar.

You want to look for a tool that came with the chain saw that looks something like this-

I'll guess that the replacement bar that you got off e-bay is ALSO gunked up (which is why they sold it)

The good news is that you can PROBABLY solve your problem with a $1 bar cleaning tool

Random youtube video about cleaning a chainsaw groove
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would suspect mixed up parts possibly gauge is different or pitch can often find 3/8 on the 450 rancher and .325 on the 450 series really need to match your drive sprocket on your saw usually gauge and pitch is stamped on the bar.

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