Benjamin Moore old paint match


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Benjamin Moore old paint match

I have a can of BM exterior latex paint that dried up (kinda like pudding or sponge cake). I need to touch up the stucco around the window that I just replaced.

So I took the old can to a BM store and they told me they have discontinued those paint, and therefore they cannot get an exact match. The "codes" on the old can no longer means anything to them.

YW 2x14
BR 4x26
BK 3x2
WH X20
Ultra base 183 4B

They will need a sample to do a paint match.

How can they discontinue something and have no way to translate old codes into new codes?

I have half a gallon of bad dried paint, or I can match chip out a piece of wall and have the match it.

Anyway to "reactivate" my bad paint? I only need like 1/2 pint.
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Even though the paint color might remain the same the formula to mix that color may have to change in order to make that color. Also the sheen may vary between different lines of paint. They shouldn't have any issues matching the color and I'd be surprised if they couldn't match the dried up paint in your can [but I haven't seen it so can't say for sure]

How long ago was the stucco painted? how old is the can of paint?
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I ran into similar situation a few months ago except it was interior paint. I called around and found an independent hardware store that still had some of the old base and the tinting system, and they were able to mix me a new gallon, which matched reasonably well. So you may want to make a few calls.

In general, matching a sample will give you a better match anyway, because it takes into account the fading and color changes that occur over time to all paints, so if you can't get the original, I'd go the sample match route rather than trying to translate the codes.

Probably more problematic than the color will be the finish, matte, semi, eggshell, whatever, as those have changed too. But again, a sample will let them select the closest finish match as well.

I don't think there's any reliable way to bring back paint that has hardened, even partially, in the can, but some of the pro's here may have suggestions.
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I forgot about the 'reactivating the paint' question

The short answer is no although a lot depends on what shape it currently is in. If some of the paint is still fluid you can strain it and probably have some usable paint. If it's completely dried up the best you could do would be to dissolve a small portion with some solvent _- IF that's doable I wouldn't expect to gain more than a half brush full of paint
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I know I'm late to the party, but having used the old and new Benjamin Moore paint systems there is a replacement for what you had. They have a similar product. It's not going to be 100% though. They can type the old formula in the new computer system and get a new code for the Gennex tint system. (one would type in the old base and formula, then click modify) If I recall correctly 183 was the Super Spec Flat and was replaced with N447 Ultra Spec. Previous experience has been if the old finish wasn't too faded the new stuff won't be too far off. Unfortunately if you can't find a supplier with old stock you may be forced to paint that side of the house if it don't match too well. If you've had that can long enough for it to go bad like that, even a new gallon of 183 would have not been perfect. Ultra Bases tended to be finicky with the old tint system from my experience.
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