BEHR Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel still tacky 48 hours....

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BEHR Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel still tacky 48 hours....

We had started to sand some of our cabinets and abandoned the job due to it becoming too big of a project.

We were advised we could use BEHR Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel to paint our cabinets and achieve a good result, no matter if we painted over one of the sanded surfaces or one of the factory finishes.

We were advised we might need 2 coats to achieve a uniform look across all the cabinets.

We followed the instructions, only waited overnight before applying a 2nd coat. It has now been more than 24 hours since we began painting the cabinets, and there is still some tackiness to some of the surfaces we painted.

Some of the surfaces are mainly dry, but, not what you would call a "working dry" where you could clean the surface if necessary.

According to the instructions the "dry time" is 2 to 4 hours. The temperature has been well up into the 90's here during the painting so temperature should not be a factor.

We also turned the ceiling fans on and set the doors out flat so they could get air flow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The instructions say full cure takes 7 days... and also states 14 days for the gloss to stabilize. 2 coats might take longer. Application temperature between 50-90F. If it is too hot, I'm sure it leads to a heavier coat being applied which is not helpful. If the 1st coat was heavy and not completely dry even after 4-8 hrs, (or overnight) a 2nd coat would not have been helpful. 2 heavy coats might take a long time to cure. High humidity is also not helpful. We can't possibly know how thick you applied each coat, but you will just have to wait it out.
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While I'm not familiar with that brand of oil enamel I have applied 100's of gallons of oil base enamel. I've always understood oil enamel to cure in 72 hrs, latex enamels take longer. Not sure why that manufacture states 7 days.

The main causes for slow drying with oil base pains are; cool temps, humidity and/or a containment on the substrate. Some air ventilation should help speed up the drying.

no matter if we painted over one of the sanded surfaces or one of the factory finishes
Can you better describe the factory finish and what prep was done to it? Is the drying time any different on this finish compared to the sanded surface?
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Thanks for the replies.

(For some reason, the links in my email are not working, but, I made it back here anyway.)

At any rate, my cabinet surfaces have finally begun to dry. We had someone helping us with this, so it was done while I was at work. Neither I nor my wife can be certain if the person doing this throughly mixed the paint or if it was applied to heavily.

It does look amazing and we are quite pleased with the outcome.

It does appear we are dealing with the "7 day cure" cycle here.

Another thing we are finding is this. We had the front side of the cabinets painted and the front side of the doors as well. In so doing, some of the paint could be seen along the inside edge of the cabinet door. This person had reinstalled the doors, even though some of them were still tacky. Those doors were "sticking" somewhat, and we found it was along this built up edge of the paint.

By allowing it to dry longer, and using a knife to trim this off the inside of the doors, they are no longer sticking.

I think everything is going to be find at this point.

Thanks again.

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