Matte top coat over Ralph Lauren Faux Suede?


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Matte top coat over Ralph Lauren Faux Suede?

I am planning to paint parts of a room with Ralph Lauren’s Faux Suede, and have seen several reviews that said it scratched easily, and I even scratched the sample in the store with my nail, and it left a visible white trail.

I have kids, so to prevent them from clawing smily faces all over the wall, I am wondering if there is some sort of ultra matte clear coat I can put on top of the suede to protect it.

I have found Rust-Oleum’s “Ultra Matte Interior Chalked, Topcoat Clear”, but the reviews say that it turns yellow after a while. Krylon has a spray paint clear matte finish that claims it doesn’t yellow, but not sure I really want to spray paint my walls.

Is there any solution out there that I can cover this stuff with that is ultra matte/has virtually no sheen, clear, durable, more or less scratch resistant and won't dull the colors?

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Any oil based paint will yellow with time. Generally, we advise no protecting coat is needed with quality paint but this seems not to be one. I would have to experiment but water based polyurethane or a latex clear coat would be the two options of which I can think.
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Generally I'm opposed to applying poly over paint. It always complicates any paint touch up. All oil base polys/varnish will yellow the underlying paint [not always noticeable with dark colors] Water based poly won't yellow and should do ok.

While I have used a Ralph Lauren paints a few times, I wasn't overly impressed. I've not used their suede.
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Unless your kids read paint reviews, I doubt that the thought of "clawing the walls" would even enter their minds. They are more likely to write or draw on them. This is a non-issue.

You should be more concerned with being able to touch up the paint later which becomes impossible if you apply any sort of clear coat. Clear coats are used in the automotive paint industry, not on residential interior walls.
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I have this same paint in one bedroom. It doesn't scratch any easier than any other (flat) paint, but the scratches are very obvious as you said. Not a big deal.
This isn't the type of paint you can touch up with a roller though, I would paint the scratches with an artists brush.
I wouldn't put any type of glaze over it, it will defeat the look of the paint.

This paint is very hard to apply and I would test on cardboard. It's easy to apply too much paint because of the large nap and you need to avoid that.

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