Proper disposal of used spray paint cans

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Proper disposal of used spray paint cans

What is the proper way to dispose spay paint cans? I got two boxes of them. Some are not empty. I went to and searched for locations. But most of them do not accept spray cans.
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Where I live...... the county has two hazmat collection days a year where they collect almost anything hazardous including all non latex paint products.

See if this link helps....
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Where I live...... the county has two hazmat collection days a year where they collect almost anything hazardous including all non latex paint products.
My county too. And that is the problem. You see it's not about keeping the environment clean and safe, it's about money and politics. Who wants to hold on to various chemicals, oils, paints and so forth for six months or a year? And then if you miss the day tough luck. Not to mention the long lines and paper work to fill out. And our county is so damn big the people traveling from north to south or vice versa becomes an all day trek. Sooo...., most people will sneak the bad stuff into the garbage or roadside, or not dispose of it all. Some people will bury the toxic stuff in the backyard. Paint cans are just thrown in the day to day garbage around here! Nice! Huh?

What I want to see is each town (funded by the county, the state or what have you, if need be) provide a once a month (or maybe once every quarter) pick-up via the garbage pickup route. But that won't happen, because the politicians will have about a dozen reason (mostly dollar related) as to why it can't be done. But this twice a year thing is just enough to meet the state rules to provide some kind of environmental clean up service. To me it's a lot of bull s**t.

OK. rant is over. Proceed with normal conversation.
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Our county will take full aerosol cans at the hazmat drop off day, but empty cans can go into the regular curbside recycling. Feel like getting a piece of cardboard, a respirator, and holding some spray nozzles down for a while? Not that I imagine it's a very environmentally friendly way of solving the problem, but at least per our regs, you could then safely and legally dispose of the empty can.

And Norm, you know they won't shell out any more than they have to. We just had our curbside bulk trash pickup turned into a bulk trash drop-off day. Which is idiotic, because if you can haul your bulk trash someplace farther than your curb, then you could just take it to the dump, which is open 6 days a week, rather than waiting for the once a year event.
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I'm surprised you cannot find a hazmat location, being that you are in California. I recommend you call your waste management provider.
Around here you can drop off hazmat every Wednesday and Saturday at a facility near the landfill.
They accept all types of material: paint, fluorescent tubes, pesticides, batteries, you name it.

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