lead paint and kid going to be exposed

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lead paint and kid going to be exposed

my friend lives in a very old house in a VERY small town. last summer it was determined there's lead everywhere. she has 4 year old. the fire company next door is the landlord of the house and they finally indicated they are gonna paint inside and outside and i think replace all windows. or maybe just paint them. i'm unclear.

ive scanned the EPA pages for DIY people because i'm sure the fire company is gonna have one of their buddies or something do it. no way will they spend the money to hire EPA certified people.

she has zero money and could never stay in any hotel and no friends can really put up her and the child for what probably would be an extended stay if they did this repair 'right'

what is the practical application of what should happen in this house with repairs while they are living there. my guess is at a minimum each room while its done gets a plastic doorway and all belongings in the middle with plastic? there's nowhere to move anything outside of the house (no assistance, trucks etc). she's disabled so day to day living is hard, much less moving all this stuff.

i told her call CYS to see if there's any strong arming they can do to doing this repair correctly. i dont see whatever local govt is on this community doing anything. my guess is they would evict her before spending a ton of money to fix it .

edit: found out they wont replace windows. just painting them. so i guess in theory if the just paint over everythign then there's no 'dust', right?

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I'm retired and not up on the current regs but generally everything below a certain height gets stripped or replaced, anything above that height can be encapsulated [painted over]

Is this a volunteer fire dept or gov't run?

Lead is more dangerous for children than it is adults!
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There is next to no danger painting over lead as it generally does not disturb any of the layers of lead, it covers them.
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The danger of lead paint is if t was sanded or disturbed in anyway. If you have large chunks flaking off that may be an issue as well. Yes, plasticate everything and isolate the room being worked on. Use vacuums or shop vacs with hepa filters only. Outside, it is required that you warn the neighbors of any activity such as sanding or scraping. I am certified to work on lead buildings. So, give a little more information as to the general condition of the trim inside and outside the house.

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