Epoxy Paint

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Epoxy Paint

I have these 20 ft high columns on my front porch, about 9.5" square. See pic. Mostly hollow (probably a 6 x 6 in the center) and the sides are 4 painted cedar boards.

The wood peckers have taken a liking to this. See the hole in the pic. My questions...

Would painting these with epoxy paint will be tough enough to ward off peckers?
Is there some anti woodpecker paint additive available? Does it work?

I'd don't really want to wrap these in aluminum. I'm open to other suggestions

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Woodpeckers are excellent at finding bugs. They can actually hear them chewing.
If they carved a hole that big..... there must be bugs in there. Possibly termites.

I doubt any paint will chase them away. Before you do any repairs.... you do need to chase them away or they'll just peck another hole near by. They make bird repellents that can be placed in the area.

Maybe a suet birdfeeder nearby to coax them away from the house.
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I agree, the only reason I know of for woodpeckers to attack wood other than bugs is sometimes they'll mistake the sound of stryrofoam expanding/contracting for bug activity. I know of no paint that will dry hard enough to prevent woodpecker damage.
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I think if you have woodpeckers you have insects in your columns. Get rid of the bugs and the woodpeckers won't pay any attention to your columns. In the mean time you can cover the hole with a piece of metal.

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