Garage floor paint recommendations

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Garage floor paint recommendations

I'm looking for a one-step, easy to apply garage floor coating to hide old paint and stain spills, ground in dirt, etc. I'd like something that I can apply with a roller. I see Behr makes a garage floor one part epoxy paint (mixed reviews) but I don't know if that's the best option. I'm not looking for a fancy speckled finish, just plain battleship gray would do. Any recommendations?

Thank you.
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The key to any painting is going to be the surface preparation. You will need to remove the old paint, oil stains and any sealers that might already be on the floor. If you paint over the old paint and oil stains I would not expect any paint to hold up very well, especially to vehicle traffic.
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I see Behr makes a garage floor one part epoxy paint (mixed reviews) but I don't know if that's the best option
Good luck with that selection. The best coating require a virgin surface, you try to apply anything , including Behr, and you will be back soon asking how to fix!

Paint wise. nothing at a big box store is worth crap!
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Results vary depending on a lot of factors, but looking for a "one-step, easy to apply" solution is foolish.

The best advice I can give is to buy an expensive, oil-based epoxy paint. Do NOT use the cheap stuff, like the water-based Rustoleum type products. (Even if someone else had success with it.) You won't find the good stuff at Home despot or Lowes, you'll have to order online.

I've used 2 products with success. My favorite is Amerlock. (I forget which series) It has decent working time, dries super-hard and chip-proof, and it can be applied over a very wide range of temperatures. You can read about painting the garage floor here.
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Again, preparation is everything.
You will get fairly good service out of pretty much any floor paint as long as you prep the surface.
There are surface cleaners than can remove a certain amount of contaminants but I can guarantee if you only wash the surface some paint will come off in a month or two.
There are orbital diamond grinders available that are the size of a small lawnmower that will quickly cut down the surface but that wouldn't really fit into your plans because you did say "easy".
The most easy way would be to use some type of cleaner to scrub the floor and just plan to do a quick re-coat every few months to freshen it up..

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