A/C pressure issues, confused


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A/C pressure issues, confused

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3

Having issues with High high side pressures, even after putting just 12oz in the 38oz system the high side pressure is well over 200psi, with 24oz over 300psi. Low side stays around 40-45psi. I have cleaned the condenser and it appears to not have any airflow restriction, the motor is not getting hot, and the fans work. I used a fan in front of the vehicle as well. I just installed a new compressor (old compressor was not pumping one bit), i also replaced the drier and the TXV. I ran cleaner threw the condenser (internal) and i noticed when i blew it out with the air gun it seemed restricted, as in if i just pushed the trigger on the air gun for a second then removed the gun from the line i would get a good burst of air coming back out of the line. Should it have some restriction or be able to flow enough to keep up with an air gun?

Now one thing that is confusing me is that i believe it is the condenser, but, the high side port is after the condenser, not before. Wouldn't this show lower than normal pressure on the downside of a restriction or am i thinking of this wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank You
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you pull a vacuum on the system prior to filling I assume?
if you have good airflow and the high side is to high would probably replace the condenser as it could be clogged enough that its causing the high pressures and flushing is not always effective especially on parallel flow condensers often used now and replacement is often recommended instead of attempting to clean them.
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You can not diagnose AC issues without set of gauges. They are not expensive purchase at Harbor Freight


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