Car audio puzzler

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Car audio puzzler

Okay this is more electronics/stereo sound system question than automotive, but here goes.

This is on wifey's 2009 Camry XLE with JBL 6-speaker sound.

About six months ago noticed we had a buzz in the right rear speaker. Poop, and they're expensive, also major pain to access. Researched possible fixes or replacement speakers, but basically adjusted the balance/fade off that corner and ignored. Fast forward to a few weeks ago while driving to daughters. Now started to get a bad buzz/loss of sound quality from pax side door speaker (FWIW, from my research that's a woofer). Side note, there's no way I was confusing the locations of the buzz/distortion; when riding in right rear seat earlier the rear buzz it was right behind my head. Okay, door speakers easier to access, lets have a look. Pulled it out and didn't really see anything. After research found a place in St. Pete that sells repair kits consisting of new foam rings (cone-to-frame) and special adhesive, about $20 and will do 4 speakers. Although skeptical, ordered it to give a try. Upon starting the operation did discover the old foam was pretty bad, came apart in little pieces as I removed it. Followed directions and got it all back together. After re-installation, no buzz and good sound. Eureka! Okay, have material left for three more speakers, why not fix that back one. Fortunately I didn't just start dismantling the back seating area for access, instead I cranked up the music and faded/balanced to isolate that right rear. Here's the puzzle: no longer a buzz or distortion through that speaker. I'm guessing there's some logical deep electronic explanation to it, but it's over my head. Anybody have a layman's answer?
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Well, it's not really a subwoofer, simply a good elliptical. Good ellipticals produce good low.
They are all looped together into amplifier. I'd wild guess pass side elliptical was backfeeding electrical distortion into the amp. Both are on the same side, right?
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Maybe there was something physically on the speaker and cranking it up dislodged it ?

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