single exit muffler or dual exit muffler w/ valve control?

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single exit muffler or dual exit muffler w/ valve control?

It's time for me to replace my exhaust system as it's rusted out.

I have a question about two setups and IF there is a difference between them in terms of SOUND not power (I know
there is no difference in power).

I drew a pretty basic sketch of the exhaust set up in the attachment so please take a look if you can.

My current setup is C. There's no resonator, goes straight to the stock muffler and comes out with a single exhaust
tip (on the left side of the rear bumper). A second exhaust pipe comes out on the right side of the rear bumper. It was
welded onto the main exhaust pipe BEFORE it reaches the muffler. This obviously makes it extremely loud since there's
no resonator and no muffler going through the 2nd pipe, but there is a VALVE CONTROL which can open and close with
a controller. When the valve is open, it's very loud, and when the valve is closed, it's quieter but still louder than stock.

What I'm thinking about doing is going with SETUP B. B has a performance resonator (aftermarket) going down to
the performance (aftermarket) muffler, so this of course will naturally sound more aggressive/louder than stock, but not as loud as my current set up since I'll have a resonator back in. But I WANT TO KEEP the dual exhaust tips (left and right side) so instead of the 2nd pipe being welded onto the main pipeline BEFORE it reaches the muffler, it's going to come out directly from the muffler. In other words, the muffler will have TWO exit pipes instead of the usual one. I'll also have a valve control in the 2nd pipe still so that I can open and close it.

Now my question is: how will it sound in comparison to my original set up? The original setup is louder I believe because
of no resonator and the 2nd pipe is welded on before the muffler, so if I open the valve in the 2nd pipe, it's basically a complete straight pipe so it's very loud. But the new set up will have the 2nd pipe come out directly from the muffler with a valve control and I'd imagine it will sound much quieter with the valve closed (still louder than stock since the muffler will now be a performance/hi flow muffler which naturally sound louder anyways), but if I open the valve in the 2nd pipe, will it noticeably louder or not much at all?

It's really tough to explain it so that's why I drew the diagrams. I hope to get some feedback on the how much difference of a sound it will make?

*single pipe exiting the muffler vs dual pipes exiting the muffler*
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Does the valve still work with all the rust that you mentioned? That's surprising if it does. If you go with B, you don't need a valve at all. It's not going to make any difference, in sound or anything else.
My personal opinion is that A is the best unless you are going for looks. What kind of car is it?
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Is there no need for a Catalytic Convertor on that rig ?
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"B" With no control valve. Why is there even a need for the control valve in the first place?
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I sympathize with the exhaust sound conundrum, what sounds most pleasant can change with mood and length of drive so the adjustable valve can make sense. Also, some systems like A while likely best for performance (and weight), can end up resonating and moaning away right at key speeds, even though sounding awesome under acceleration. You don't know til the install is complete whether it will be ok or not. The C setup is really like an old hotrod header arrangement, with a straight pipe outlet for the drag racing which you cap and divert to the muffler for the drive home. Really best as an all or nothing set up. B with the valve on the second exhaust aft of the muffler does not make sense, it will not do anything, the exhaust will just go to the point of least resistance, although I suppose the noise you hear from the drivers seat might change a bit as you divert exhaust flow away from the drivers side tailpipe.

The valves will corrode over time, and seems like one more thing to fail. How about going with B, and add supertrapp tips to each side, and experiment with the number of plates you use to get the perfect sound. If you change your taste over time, you can add or subtract plates. They can look really good too, and the point of the dual exhaust pipes is looks, so make it look good!

SuperTrapp: Performance Exhaust
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thanks so much for all your reasonable comments and feedback.
I completely agree about the valve on the 2nd pipe after the muffler. I didn't think that would really make much sense
either because it's after the muffler so the sound difference is probably little to none. That's why I was wondering if
mufflers sound different if there is only 1 exit pipe or if there are 2.

My current setup makes sense why a valve is there. The 2nd pipe bypasses the muffler so it's going to be very loud if the valve is open and respectable less noisy when it's closed.

The rust hasn't formed around the valve or the 2nd pipe joint where it's welded onto the main pipe. The reason is because I believe the 2nd pipe is stainless steel whereas the main pipe is stock and is all rusted at the joints with the muffler and the pipe where it was bolted together.

The reason why it rusts so fast I think is due to my short driving distances. I only drive about 7 km to work and 7 km back every day. I read that short driving doesn't give the engine enough time to really heat up and evaporate all the water/moisture. So the moisture stays in the pipes/muffler and that's where it rusts quickly. I read that it was recommended for me to take my car out for at least a nice 15-20 minute drive once a week.

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