Fault Code: P2294 (Fuel Pressure Regulator)?

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Fault Code: P2294 (Fuel Pressure Regulator)?

I got a fault code today (first one that I know of).

Its: P2294 - Powertrain Fuel Pressure Regulator 2 Control Circuit.

It happened right after I drove around 140km/h and I noticed a loss in power and the EPC light came on.
I think this is what is called "limp mode" and I was still able to drive around but i think with less power.

After doing some more research, I read that I should first see if there's anything wrong with the wiring, connectors, fuses etc.
Then if those are fine, the next thing to try is to check for any clogged valves?
If that's ok, then next replace the fuel pressure regulator which I think is called N276 valve, but
not sure if I can get it separately. I think I read that it only comes with a new fuel pump so I should replace the HPFP?

Just in case: 2013 VW Scirocco, 2.0 TFSI (EA113), 55k km, gasoline, with APR Stage 2+

Any advice or let me know if I'm thinking on the right track here?

On a side note, my intake air filter was missing the top part of the foam. It's completely gone and my guess is that it got sucked into the intake and probably ended up in my engine. If that is what happened, is it possible that the spongy foam could dissolve into a thick sludge and somehow clogged one of the lines/hoses that is related to the fuel pressure regulator or high pressure fuel pump?? Maybe that's all it is...I'm not really sure where the engine oil flows but if something where to get sucked in, could that get clogged up in my valves causing this issue?

I was also getting a reading of about 70psi at idle and 90-100 psi while driving.

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