Squeaking from fan belts in car.


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Squeaking from fan belts in car.

2008 Chrysler 4dsd,4 cylinder. When the car starts and is running the belts are making a lot of noise. How do you change the belts or try and see which pulley is making the noise?
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Have you inspected the belt? I'm not familiar with your car but most modern day vehicles just have one long serpentine belt. If you plan to keep the car and work on it yourself I'd suggest getting a Haynes [or similar] repair manual for your vehicle.
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In the engine compartment, possibly on the bottom side of the hood, but most likely on the top of the panel where the radiator is mounted, you should see a drawing of the belt configuration. Some are fairly detailed and some are not, but it should show you the path the belt takes around each pulley, including the tensioner. Someplace, on one of the components the belt wraps around, probably the tensioner arm, you should find a square hole that a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar will fit into, or you may have just a bolt, commonly 15mm, that you can turn with a wrench in order to relive tension and slip the belt off. Once you have the belt off you can check out the tensioner, I don't know of any good way to tell good from bad other than feel and sound, so if the squeal sounds like more than a belt I would just replace it, and at 10 years I would probably do it anyway. You asked about id'ing which pulley is making noise, and it could be something other than the tensioner, but that's definitely the place to start.
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If belts are not obviously "loose", I would listen carefully and make sure that it's not a squeaking Water Pump bushing/bearing or one on something like the Power Steering Pump or Air Conditioner.

In diagnosing, I've seen mechanics "mist" the belts with a small amount of water in specific areas to see if that small amount of water will alter the sound, and help to isolate the culprit.
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Misting with water will help with belt squeak for a few seconds. If noise continues than you have a mechanical problem.
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I do more than just mist them with water, I usually pour some water from a reused water/soda bottle

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