Removing Oxygen Sensors in 2003 Toyota Highlander V6 (Codes P0155 & P0135)


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First off, I am NOT a mechanic and was learning as I was going here so I'm sure there are better methods for doing this but I had NO luck at all finding good instructions online - so I'm posting this in the hopes it will help others in a similar predicament.

I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander with 3.0L V6.

My "check engine" light was on and after plugging in a code reader discovered 2 codes:
P0155 - Code for Bank 2 sensor 1 oxygen sensor (front of engine going into exhaust manifold)
P0135 Code for Bank 1 Sensor 1 oxygen sensor (rear of engine going into exhaust manifold)

Both of these sensors are between the manifold & catalytic converter, and are therefore known as "upstream." They are identical part #'s - Denso #234-9009.

Here's the link to the step-by-step directions with photos.

After removing my bank 2 sensor 2 oxygen sensor (P0155 error code) in my 2003 Toyota Highlander 3.0L V6, I noticed the threads were so damaged where it went in that the exhaust manifold would have to come out as well.

I documented the process, which also necessitated the removal of the catalytic converter, and made a step-by-step guide to help others out there. I was extremely nervous going into it because I am NOT a mechanic and couldn't find any help online for how to go about this. Still, everything worked out so I thought I would share the results.

Link to step-by-step instructions with photos

Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I had tried to re-tap the hole in the manifold with it in place but the threads were so gummed up I couldn't get it started. I was a little nervous about making it worse and then being out a whole manifold as I was very short on time to get this fixed!

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They don’t like coming out, typically they practically weld themselves in, they come out but the treads don’t so you will need and 02 sensor thread tap to fix the threads, 02 sensor socket with a 14” swivel head ratchet work well, this post is kind of old so you may have discovered this stuff already. But yes they are both in the exhaust manifolds for b1 and b2 sensors.
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I'm not clear on what problem the OP was trying to solve.
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Sounds like he wanted to remove the front O2 sensors to fix the check engine light..
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