all 4 brake pads replaced

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all 4 brake pads replaced


I have a 2009 Volvo C30 and just got all 4 brake pads replaced. The rotors were resurfaced (rather than replaced). When I drove, the brake pedal feels "soft". When I've gotten brake pads replaced before, the car usually brakes with little effort. Also, I noticed the parking brake is looser than it was before I had brought it in. I thought they usually adjust the parking brake after a brake job.

I have already called them up and will be testing driving it tomorrow in regards to the soft brake pedal. He said, they didn't do anything to the parking brake. Can anyone give me advice on:
1) how should the brake pedal feel after replacing all 4 brake pads?
2) is it reasonable to adjust the parking brake after getting the brake pads replaced?
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The brake pedal should feel firm, not spongy. Perhaps the brakes need bleeding to remove any air in the lines. There are several types of parking brakes used on vehicles with rear disc brakes. On my Dodge Charger, the parking brakes are basically drum brakes and automatically adjust themselves when you drive in reverse. I don't know what type of parking brake system your Volvo uses, but I wouldn't expect the parking brake to feel significantly different after replacing the brake pads.
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Four (4) Pads would just be the inner and outer Pads on the two wheels (calipers) of one axle . . . . like the front of rear axles. So maybe they didn't touch the rear brakes where the Parking Brake Shoes located.

Or maybe you mean ALL of the Brake Pads on the car, in all four calipers which would equate to eight (8) Pads ?

I also have a Volvo with a spongy pedal, and I have concluded that the seal of the Plunger on the Power Brake Booster is leaking vacuum when the pedal is depressed.
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I was driving again just now. The parking brake feels less loose and brakes feel less spongy. Still the brakes don't feel as firm as I expected them to be. Do both the brakes and the parking brake adjust with driving? Do they take a little bit of time to do so?
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The old drum brakes [along with parking brake] adjust while backing up. Disc brakes aren't adjustable. I also suspect they might need to be bled some more.
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Do you mean "4 brake pads" or "brake pads on 4 wheels" ?
Just replacing pads and resurfacing rotors shouldn't necessitate bleeding the system.
Did a dealer do the work, a chain shop or an independent mechanic?
Check back after the mechanic addresses your concerns
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I believe the parking brake is integral with the rear calipers. Cable adjustment is through the center console.

Did they flush and change the fluid? They should have if it's never been done before. Fluid should look as clean as this:

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Some new pads can feel very wooden, until they bed in which can take a while depending how much you use the brakes, maybe 100 miles or so with gentle braking should get you a normal braking feel. The best pads to use for daily driving are OEM pads from the dealer, they are typically a soft grippy compound at low speeds. High performance pads work better at heavy braking loads, but can feel terrible at low speed use, they need lots of heat in them to work to their design intention.

If they are newer ceramic compound pads, they will not be a grippy as the OEM ones. What brand of pad was used?

Here is the instructions to adjust the parking brake, simple procedure under the console as alluded to in the other post.

As the parking brake is using the rear caliper as its mechanism, the skimming of the rotors means the brake should be adjusted.

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