Paint chip went in oil filler neck


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Paint chip went in oil filler neck

Doing an oil change as I've done the past 30+ years. This time I noticed that the washer for the oil plug bolt was in my plastic multi purpose oil waste pan when I was draining the old oil into the waste container. No problem-- I'll just drain the new oil out add the washer to the bolt and refill the oil. What I didn't realize was that there was a dried latex oil chip about the a little finger nail, in the pan. It worked loose from the old warm oil. When readding the new oil it flowed out into the motor thru the filler pan.
So the possibilities are:
1. It will sit at the bottom of the oil pan and flow out during the next oil change. (good)
2. It will be caught by the oil filter and sit in the filter clogging it up a little bit. (no harm done).
3. It will be burnt up by engine heat -- no harm
4. It won't be caught, won't burn up, and be caught somewhere important in the engine -- ruining it --- very very bad.

Which is the likely scenerio? Any of the above or something completely different? Should I redrain the oil and see if it comes out? The chip is small I don't know if that would work.

I haven't driven the 2015 Subaru Legacy any except to get it off the ramp.
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I wouldn't particularly worry about it. I'd doubt you'd ever see it again. It would become trapped inside the engine. It may possibly get ground up.
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Would not worry about paint chip. we once had a customer drive car in for tune up after he changed lifters. did not tell us he could not pull lifters out the top so he pushed them in to the pan. Did not cause any problems tell the mechanic working on car revved engine and lifter got blown out bottom of pan. Wanted us to buy him a new engine.
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Latex paint is an emulsion of plastic. So when dried its is like a thin piece of plastic. Might well break down completely in repeated contact with the oil. Should not be a problem.
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let the engine run till its HOT, then drain oil while it is so.going to be hot, wear gloves and not necessarily going to work. Hot oil drains more and better than cold oil- the chip will move easiler. hope it helps. Me personally wouldn't get concerned over it to much
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