dent on Trunk


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dent on Trunk

Last year a tree fell on my camry during the storm and made a dent on trunk. I thought will be ok just not to fix it but it gets rusty and i don't like the way it looks. Thought might be easy open the trunk and push it but the trunk has two layers of metal and this layer is not reachable unless I take the other layer out or if there is a better way. Please see the pic and any suggestions will be great.
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Go to salvage yard and get entire trunk lid. You can transfer shiny letters, they are simply clipped.
If lucky, you can find matching color. Otherwise, it's a paint job.
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It can be repaired but will take some specialized tools to weld studs onto the metal and pull it back to shape while hammering the inside. Not really a DIY repair!
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Don't have to hammer from the inside. Weld rods on the outside and pull with puller. There are tools for that. Will look like crap, then needs to be smoothed, Bondo-d, primed, and painted anyway. Much easier to get entire lid.
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That is a tough dent to fix, in that it is both on the seam with no access from behind. A good used trunk would probably be about $250, so that's probably the most expedient way to get to a decent outcome.

But I get the objective to make it a bit better, short of replacing the whole trunk with one from a breaker. At the least, use a rust converter to stabilize the surface and prevent further rusting. The cured black colour will help the damage look a bit better.

There are various dent removal tools available that use hot glue to place a fitting on the dent, and then a puller, which people have mixed results with. Not sure they really work other than on a larger panel like the side of a door or something without the seam. There are cheaper ones, but this gives the idea of how it works. Might help on the flat part of the trunk further back from the seam.

The hillbilly way of dealing with this would be to drill a hole, put in a screw and use a crowbar, resting on/levering from a well placed two by four piece, and pull the dent up using the screw as the puller. Just a variation of the weld on a rod to then pull the dent out as suggested, since you will need to do the filler and paint anyways. You could probably improve your dent significantly with three well placed screws. Hammering the area at/under the lid edge with a rubber mallet would improve the dent at the seam. Do the rust converter, spot filler the holes and perhaps a coat of paint even by brush with a close colour match would make it more presentable, and be a good "10 footer" (ie. looks good from 10 feet away). Did this in my youth on some winter beater cars, and it can turn out better than you might expect.

Then stick on a rear spoiler, and you will look like a serious racer with a bit of respectable track damage...

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