How to correctly drain brake/clutch fluid?

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How to correctly drain brake/clutch fluid?

Hi everyone.

My Getz is 2007 1.6L 3door manual transmission. So my brake fluid reservoir shares clutch fluid.

I like DYI and am going to replace the fluid soon. but I donít know correct way how to replace it correctly.(I saw some Youtube videos but they were not for Hyundai getz Manual transmission model)

Last time when I inspected brake pads, I saw a line coming down from the engine bay and it was attached to the brake disc rotor.

Iím not 100% sure but pretty sure it is a line for brake fluid.

Hereís my question.

Is it right method to drain the brake&clutch fluid from that line?

If it's possible to do so, is there any important steps that I must to do?

for example, when ppl replace the power steering oil(Youtube), they turn the steering wheel to circulate the fluid as dirty fluid still remains inside of the power steering system.

So should I press brake and clutch pedal when I replace the brake/clutch fluid?

Thank you!
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What are you trying to bleed? Brakes or clutch?
It's a 2 person job, unless you want to buy one of the bleeding kits.
You need good wrench for brake caliper and clutch slave cylinder bleeder screws. Box wrench. Usually, it's 8mm, but who knows for Getz.
Next, you need to locate your slave clutch cylinder and bleeder screw on it.
Next, you need to locate all 4 calipers bleeding screws.
Bleeding clutch is identical process to bleeding brakes. Unless you have a Mazda with its goofy shared canister shaped so that you can't really bleed damn clutch.
There is ton of bleeding brakes info online.
I'd say, first, locate all the components. Before you do anything.
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When I was still doing brakes for a living I always open the bleed screw till clean fluid ran out. did this to all 4 wheels. Make sure you dont let the master cylinder run dry or you will have problems getting a hard pedal. After all 4 wheels run clean close bleed screws and pump brakes. Go back around again ad a air bubble will come out each wheel. Close bleed screws on each wheel as soon as clean fluid comes out.
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On new vehicles, one simply can't DIY brakes. As they are all drive by wire, brake by wire. DIY bleeding brakes damages brake actuator, what is anywhere between $1200 to $4000 repair. Bleeding those brakes can be done only with intelligent scanner, specific for a given manufacturer. On my NX, I can't even replace rear brake pads, as it has E-Brake module installed on calipers. So dealer it is, or indi with scanner.
It's not that easy what is, actually, mentioned in link 2 I posted. Who knows what Getz is...

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