Car is DEAD


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Car is DEAD

We have a 2010 Chevy Tahoe. My wife drove it to work this morning like normal but when she went out for lunch, it was dead. I cleaned the battery terminals and replaced the battery and still nothing. It doesnít even click when I turn the key. Could this be a fuse? Alternator? Something else? I can do basic maintenance on a car but Iím by no means an expert so Iím just not sure what else to test/look at. Thereís no lights, no sounds, nothing.

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Did you inspect and clean all battery terminals and connections. Not just at the battery but at the other end as well.. Possibly ground connection is broken or severely corroded.
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Check the headlights and emergency flasher. The key does not need to be on for either of those, so should help starting to narrow it down. If no lights or flasher, it's dead, so need to do as Norm suggested. If they do work, it still could be any number of things, but, being a GM, and their issues with them in general, I would suspect the ignition switch, in which case it might even fall under one of their recalls.
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Yes, there was a recall on the ignition switch. Also, if it is a chip key it may not be reading the code. To reset, remove all other keys so weight is not an issue. Put the key in and turn to accessory but don't try to start the engine. Leave it in accessory for at least 10 minutes. Then try to start. This worked for my daughters car when she had similar issues.
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Could be a fuse. Not likely the alternator since she drove it to work without an issue, then at lunch total dead.

I'd start at the beginning. If you have a voltage meter/tester, check the battery terminals. If the battery is dead, its likely it had a short & is totally dead.
If the battery is good, check voltage on the cables at the battery, then at the other end.
If the lights aren't working & no sound. I'm betting on a bad battery (shorted etc) until I know something further. Its possible its the battery cables, but not as high on my list as a bad battery.
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Could also be park/neutral safety switch, but that is much harder to DIY diagnose. Less likely, too, but worth considering.

Did you try starting with shifter in "N" as well as Park?
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The thing is, the OP gets absolutely nothing! No lights, no ticking, no hum, not even a click. Even with a nearly dead battery you can still see some dim lighting or at least one click at the turn of the key. Seems to me he has no current at all. No different than taking out the battery completely. I'm still betting a total loss of connectivity with the ground.

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