2007 Ford Escape knock sensor?

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2007 Ford Escape knock sensor?

my '07 ford escape knocks like crazy intermittently. the check engine light stays on constantly, the O'Rileys code checker says that the light is on because of a fuel temp sensor being bad. which makes no sense to me, as i can not imagine the temperature of the fuel being important enough to be monitored by the computer. i can buy a knock sensor for less than the price the Ford dealer wants to charge me just to check the code, and i am almost certain the problem is the knock sensor. the problem is no one at the auto parts store(s) knows where it is on the 3.0 liter v-6 engine. and the ford dealer said i would have to pay shop rate ($100.00 per hour) to ask a technician where it was, with a half hour minimum charge (meaning pay them $50.00 to ask a question). if i didn't live in "the rust belt", i would only buy vehicles made before 1980. but here, they are all structurally compromised by rust. so that is not really on option. there is a sensor that is just what i call "dangling in the wind" bolted to the passenger side front cylinder head. if that is it, i can change it out pretty easily. but if its down under the lower intake manifold as one parts store guy was talking about, i will have to hire someone to do it, as my back will not take that kind of abuse.
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The knock sensor pulls back timing when knock is detected. It does not cause or prevent knock and ping. If it fails, you will get a check engine light and the ECU will pull back on timing a bit. If no code for that sensor is coming up, leave it alone. I also agree that fuel temp isn't your issue, but changing that sensor will turn the check engine light off.

Knock is caused by premature ignition, are you running the correct fuel grade? Try some premium in it to see if it goes away. You can also try running a few cans of engine fuel system cleaner through it, specifically look for the ones that will help clean out the combustion chamber. Often knock can occur when carbon build up gets very hot and ignites the fuel upon compression, instead of the properly timed spark plug. You might also check the Ford forums to see if this issue pops up on that particular model and what's been done to correct it.
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Just a side thought, find a good independent garage, get acquainted, and start using them; then when questions like this come up you may get the information/help you need without being extorted.

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