Repainting camaro

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Repainting camaro

So my old camaro paint seen better days..I started to sand down the side that the paint was chipping. The car is a darker green I just need some help with what kind of paint I need to buy. I think there is special stuff that I need to get but not sure what. I wanna paint the car black I figure that would be the cheapest and easiest thanks!
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I wanna paint the car black I figure that would be the cheapest and easiest thanks!
So the big question, have you ever painted a car before?

Painting cars is a lot of work, assuming you want to do it right. And it's not cheap, auto paint materials are through the roof these days. Back when I owned my body shop I could paint a car for about $600 in materials, including primers, sealers, paints, and top coats. I suspect today, that figure is probably closer to $1500.

Next you need to think about the tools needed!

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Lots of problems with DIY car painting.
Marq mentioned some.
Black is a hard color to paint.
Dust during painting will ruin the best paint job.
The smell will get you kicked out of the neighborhood.

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Maaco would be the next choice.
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Hey Brandon, I was painting my own cars before the new base clear technology. I have all the tools, guns, compressors etc. If I even have something small to paint, and really want to be particular about it, I have it done by a pro. In my opinion, painting a car (right) is an art. I am VERY jealous of guys who have the touch to make the colors come out that look like they are 6 feet deep. How do YOU want this Camaro to look when you take it out?
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I just painted my rear fascia last fall, it took 2 weeks and about $150 in materials for a basic 2-stage paint. Havent painted anything in probably 25 years but I still have all my old guns and tools and it came out great. Some day I will paint my bug when it's restored but that will be a challenge painting in the front yard.

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Welcome to the forums Brandon!

A pic of your car along with more info on it's value and how much you expect to spend would be helpful.

As noted above, coating costs for a nice long lasting paint job can be pricey. A few yrs ago my grandson has a sports car that got totaled, we fixed the body work and I sprayed it with equipment enamel. While the paint has faded a little it still looks decent. I supplied the primer and thinner and he spent about $75 for the paint and hardener.

There is a lot more involved in painting a car than just putting the paint in the gun and pulling the trigger.
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might look into vinyl wraps as another option. if your set on repainting would get some estimates at body shops since they have the equipment and place to do it right where just doing it yourself is likely not going to look very good.

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