Looking at ways of preventing theft of a car

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Looking at ways of preventing theft of a car

I have a 2007 Mazda 6. I am aware that the incidence of auto theft is now sky-high. A few months ago, I got myself one of those pedal locks that go between the floor and the brake pedal. As far as I can tell, its a good product, and it must provide a measure of theft protection. I also started taking out the fuse for the fuel pump when I parked the car. That is under the hood. I noticed that in rainy weather, it would be easy for water to get into the fuse box when I open it. I would like to find another method of protecting from theft in addition to the pedal lock. There are advertisements for switches that go between the battery terminal and the post. The trouble with that is that I would have to reset the clock on the dashboard every time I disconnected the battery and re-connected it. I guess it would also be possible to have an ignition cutout switch installed under the dashboard. I have heard that professional thieves can find those easily. Is there some way to put a switch of some kind under the hood that is easy to reach? Are there other options that I haven't thought of? Can anyone tell me anything about those clamps that people put around the wheels?
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Since you already have a pedal lock, what about just using a steering wheel lock. They've been around for ages and work. Cheap and easy to use. Hyundai and Kia are giving them away free, since their cars are easy to steal, so they must work.

Anti theft steering wheel lock
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Putting in a switch under the hood is certainly do-able, but you will need some electrical work skills. It would involve tracing a wire going to the fuse/relay panel and installing an in-line switch that would need to be weather-proof with insulated, soldered connections. I could think of a number of ways to install a stealth cut-off switch inside the vehicle that would not be found by a thief. The big question, of course, would be if all that is necessary on a 17 year old Mazda.

One thing you might check is fuses/relays that are located in the interior; check the under side of the instrument panel near your left knee or perhaps on the kick panel to the left side of floor. Very common to have fuse panels in both the engine compartment AND the passenger compartment. Might find one in there that the weather would not bother.
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The best theft prevention is mechanical main power kill switch, hidden somewhere only owner knows. No electronics or stupid stuff hung on steering wheel. It has to be HIDDEN. And, somewhere, where it is operated from inside the vehicle. If someone is casing your car, and they see you get out, open hood, rummage there, close hood, etc - they'll figure it out.
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I had a kill switch on a 1972 Volvo. There was a pressure switch hidden under the carpet on the side where it turned up below the driver's door. Press the switch area and turn the key to start. There must have been a relay involved somewhere that opened when the ignition was turned off.
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would likely use a rf relay switch that would have a remote and you could toggle the fuel pump circuit open and closed, or ignition coils circuit, starter circuit etc but would imagine most anything from stock would likely slow down anyone from stealing the car by a lot and they may not have time to figure out how to really bypass it.
if you hid it away and the install was clean enough but you would still be cutting wiring and likely want to solder and heat shrink connections if you wanted it to last.

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