Painters didn't tape drywall repair

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Painters didn't tape drywall repair

I am paying a hefty price to have my house painted after plumbers finished. They didn't tape the drywall patches on walls and ceilings, which are pretty good sized patches. (12" and 36" is typical) with 1/16" to 1/8" gaps. They claim tape is only needed for large gaps.

Are they full of beans?
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I tape all seams and joints especially when dealing with a patch because the small patch square of sheetrock isn't anchored as well as a full sheet. Without tape the first change in temperature, humidity or someone bumps that area and the mud is going to crack in the gaps.
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My thought was the real reason was they were no good at taping and floating. I have been trying my whole life and still can't but I was always honest with the customers and refused saying I was no good at it. Of course I didn't paint either.

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Not all painters are good at drywall repair but if they don't know any more than that they should have brought someone in to do the repair work! Yes, they are full of beans

IF they used a setting compound it's possible those joints might not crack but if they used regular j/c it's pretty much guaranteed they will crack open. Have you paid them yet? I'd be wanting those joints taped! Taping over the mud they already applied will make the job a little more difficult
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IF they used a setting compound it's possible those joints might not crack
I would probably tape the 36W patch, however I usually don't tape patches.

Hot mud/setting compound has excellent adhesion and you can apply several coats in short time to get a nice finish.
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I have done acres and acres of patches that size range. I use quick setting compound almost exclusively. I have never not taped joints. With setting mud it might work but I don't take the chance.
There is one way that I have heard that joints don't need taped and that is if adhesive and screws are used together with plywood nailers between the existing and new piece. The idea is that the adhesive and screws hold the two parts together so well that they can not crack if setting mud is used. It might work. I am reluctant to take that chance too.

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