Lifting a trailer


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Lifting a trailer

We have a 5x8 trailer with 12" wheels/tires, that is mainly used to haul lawn equipment, mulch, hay, straw, etc. Whenever I tow it behind my 4x4 it is close to being a taildragger, even with a 8" drop hitch.

The time has come for new trailer tires. I wanted to upgrade to 15" wheels and tires to help semi-level the trailer. Unfortunately, the 15" tires will rub the welded on fenders.

I could grind the welds and re-weld the fenders OR flip the over-spring axle to an under-spring axle.

Moving the axle from over-spring to under-spring seems to be the easiest and better option. It would increase the trailer height immediate by a few inches and increase the fender clearance. So I'm wondering, is there a potential problem I'm overlooking by going the under spring axle route???

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With an 8" drop hitch does the trailer set level when it's hitched up and empty? It might have to do with the weight distribution when you load it. I would maybe check your springs that could be worn out and just cannot handle the load if your within the weight rating for the trailer.
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I cant say for sure but, I'd bet that you wont find 15" wheels with the same bolt pattern as your 12" wheels/hubs. In order to upgrade to 15" wheels, you're gonna have to change hubs &/or possibly axles.
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When hooked to my truck the trailer is not level. I haven't checked but it is like 5-7 degree pitch, even with the 8" drop hitch.

The bolt pattern is 5x4.5. There are 12",13",14" and 15" wheels for that pattern.
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can always get a lower drop ball mount as probably the easiest solution. flipping the axle under spring may be an option also, but doing both 15 inch wheels and flipping the axle may lift it alot higher than you need it to be.
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I would go with a longer ball mount and leave the trailer as it is. The higher you raise the bed of the trailer from the ground the more air that is going to pass under it, and having it become a flying wing could make for a really bad day.
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Changing spring positions on an axle is perfectly fine.
The only thing you need to be carefull of is to make sure you keep the axle in the same position.
Most axles have a built in camber to allow the axle to flex downward when loaded and remain straight.
Axles that are meant to be mounted with the springs in either location will have 2 spring pads on them.
You will often find that OEM axles have only 1 pad on each side where as replacement axles will have 2.
If your axle has any camber at all and you rotate it to mount springs you will reduce its capacity.
You can weld another pad onto the axle if you only have 1.

Another thing you could consider to raise the deck height is to replace the spring mounts with taller ones which are readily available.

The height of your ball would normally allow your trailer to ride slightly high at the front when empty then be perfectly level when fully loaded.
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Raising the trailer bed will affect unloading of your lawn equipment. Will you need longer ramps or a longer tailgate? Will the mowers drag when unloading?

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