Haul riding mower in Frontier?


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Haul riding mower in Frontier?

U think there would be any problem using a couple ramps to load and haul a riding mower in a Nissan Frontier? I'm concerned that the ramps may move or cause the mower to drop or damage the tailgate loading. This is a Murray mower, so the lower end of riding mower weight.
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What length mower?
What length truck bed?

As far as loading, I would find a bank to back the truck against so that the mower would be near the same height as the truck bed.
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I used to load a John Deere 125 in my Ram 1500 4X4 off road with 10 or 12 ft 2X10's with aluminum ramp ends that I bought for loading. The problem I ran into was that when the mower got all the way to the top, & the front tires were in the truck & the rear tires still coming up the ramp, the mower deck would drag & hang up the mower.

Also, for me, I was not comfortable going forward up the ramps at that height... backing down, I was really uncomfortable. After about 4 or 5 times, I quit loading it in the truck.
Again, this truck was a factory off road 4X4 with 20 inch factory tires, so it was a little higher than most 1/2 ton trucks.
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If it fits I wouldn't have any reservations. I've hauled riding mowers in my pickups any number of times. But "loading and hauling" is a relative term. If it's a time or two, go for it. If this is something that you'll be doing regularly, like for income, a rental property, or assisting a friend or relative in need, I'd opt for a relatively inexpensive trailer like you can get at HF or TSC. Not that your Nissan won't handle it, or at least I'm assuming you looked at the payload capacity, but getting a rider in and out of a pickup is not always the easiest thing to do. A bank, as Wirepuller mentioned, makes it a whole lot easier, but you need one at each end of the trip. As far as the ramps moving, strap them to the bumper or trailer hitch and they'll stay as long as you do it right.
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