Overwhelmed by Truck Brake Choices, +Wheels

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Overwhelmed by Truck Brake Choices, +Wheels

I own a Nissan Frontier, First time Truck owner. So I went to Rock Auto Parts and so many choices low, med, better and high performance? Any Go to Brands.
I realize and try and get better than low quality (on all former cars I have worked on) but what makes the big difference from med and high grade brakes( drilling? coated to prevent rust. Tolerances? ) What about the wear process? Local Shops Sell Centric and Napa Brands Not sure what auto zone sells. any tips or advice appreciated! THX
Not to mention tire choices! (Looking for good all season 95% Road Quiet)
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Brake components, OEM. the amount of time they put into the design and validation is nothing compared to aftermarket!

I know it cost more but have never, never had any issues that caused me to have to jack the car up to fix!
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Autozone sells Duralast brand. I've never had any issues with their brake parts and they stand behind their lifetime warranty [if it's a vehicle you intend to keep a long time]

IMO there isn't a lot to be gained by the average driver to spend a lot over the standard parts. Most of the higher tech brake components are more for extreme applications.
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I agree with Marq; OEM. That's been my typical modus operandi for brakes, and I typically have not had the problems that I hear or read others talk about. Just as Marq said, the OEM's spend a LOT of time and money on getting it right, whereas the aftermarket ones are too often simple clones that match the OEM's dimensionally and that's about it. As far as tires, yup, a lot of choices. Ever since replacing the noisy, rough riding OE tires on my '79 Power Wagon with a set, I have had a fondness for Goodyear Wranglers. I'm not sure it was a fair test because that thing rode about like the proverbial lumber wagon before, but those Wranglers tamed it right down to an enjoyable vehicle to drive. I've had them on every truck since then, and as far as I recall they're a little north of median as far as price, but the ride is worth it. But I imagine that for every pickup owner you meet you can get a new take on tires.
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