Truck bed covers

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Truck bed covers

Sorry, Bed Cover!!

Bought a truck, been 30 years since last one. Looking at a bed cover, little different then they were back then.

One is a tri-fold soft top, attaches at the cap folds down in three sections and has a latch at the gate. When opened there is a strap to tie it down, unless removed it covers 1/3 of the bed

Second is roll up soft top, has a frame that mounts on top of rails with velcro and a latch at the gate. When open it rolls up next to cab and has strap to tie it down, minimal blockage of the bed.

I have my thoughts, anybody have one or the other for opinions?

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So much depends on what the truck is used for. For me it would be in my way more times than not.
I would think the hard cover ones would last longer and be more secure than any of the soft tops.
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Bed mat vs bed cover ?
A mat just covers the bed while a cover is over the bed.

I put a rubber mat in fathers Ram 1500.
I suspect you're looking of some type of weatherproof bed cover ?
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Yep, bed cover not mat!
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On my 2000 Silverado, I put on an Access roll-up cover. It worked so well for the 17 years I had it that when I bought a 2018 Silverado I bought another and put it on that truck. I think they are the best thing for my needs. The only thing I had to do on the 2000 cover was to replace the velcro that secures it to the rails.

On my 1993 Silverado, I have a fiberglass cap (Not a tonneau cover, that would be even worse) but I had to take it off too many times in order to put something oversized into the bed so I will never go back to one of those.
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Get an "Undercover" bed cover and don't look back.
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I've had, on various trucks, a full cap, a "Lid" (hard cover that lifts up with gas springs), a hard fold up cover, and a soft fold up cover. Of all of them, I like the soft fold up cover the best for my situation; yours may be different. It takes seconds to open/close. It does cover a section of the bed when folded, but it is open enough I can load in a few sheets of plywood or sheetrock or lumber, etc. with the gate up, And if I need the full bed open, it only takes a minute or two to completely remove it. I don't haul stuff like gravel or mulch in the truck; I use a trailer for that. If you haul stuff like that often, you'll want something that removes completely quickly and easily.

None of the soft covers often much theft protection; so if you regularly park in tough areas, you'll want something sturdier. I routinely open the cover if I have to park somewhere shady just so it's obvious there is nothing of value in there.

The hard fold up cover was ok too, and offers more protection than the soft version, but at least the one I had was harder to remove completely because of its weight.
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When I owned a 2008 Silverado Hd, I pulled a 5th-wheel. I used a soft, roll-up bed cover because it rolled up neatly against the cab and out of the way when towing the camper. When in use, the bed cover afforded some weather protection for my tools in the truck bed. As has been stated, your use of the truck will determine the style of bed cover you need. Good luck with your project.
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My 2012 Ram 1500 was always going to be in a theft target area, (what isn't any more?) I put a hard folding cover on it and got tripple protection. I can fold all four sections so they rest on top of each other on the front of the bed. Never interfered with loads or anything.
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A soft, tarp like, cover will catch rain water. A cover that can remain quite taut without supporting ribs is subject to a surprising amount of stress at the fastening points and perimeter.with only a small amount of water on/in it.

With less than careful handling, much of the caught water can be dumped into the bed.

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