2018 Silverado 1500 5.3 AC problem

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2018 Silverado 1500 5.3 AC problem

Hello. My ac is not blowing very cold air. On max with recirculation on, with a thermometer in the vent, it gets around 59-60 degrees on the lowest fan speed. Highest fan speed it reads around 84 degrees.

The compressor clutch stays engaged constantly unless the ac button or power button is turned off.

I bought a can of r1234yf and the small low pressure service gauge from Weitron. The gauge was in the red around 75 psi on the low pressure port right away with the engine off. It stayed the same after starting and ac maxed. Like the compressor isnít working perhaps. It is producing a slight amount of cool air though. So I didnít add any of the refrigerant. I tried the old trick of a quick purge from the low and high side with no improvement in cold air. I donít have the gauges to check the high side for a little more info. I will say the release from the low side seemed a lot weaker than Iíd expect from 70+psi. Not sure if that means anything or not

But what do you think the problem is? A really weak compressor? Blockage? Low pressure switch?

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may want to take it to a shop and get it diagnosed. they will have gauges and be able to tell more what is going on but suspect a bad compressor.

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