good vehicle for towing smaller camper trailer?

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good vehicle for towing smaller camper trailer?

Wondering what kind of vehicle to buy for pulling a smaller camper.

Camper specs would be similar to this 2018 Keystone - Springdale Summerland Mini : Dry Weight 3,225 lbs., Payload Capacity 1,175 lbs. GVWR 4,400 lbs. Hitch Weight 465 lbs.

Right now I am looking at a 2016 Dodge Durango Citadel, All-wheel Drive, Gasoline, 8-Speed Automatic, 3.6L V6 24V MPFI DOHC

All input greatly appreciated.

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Gary, most any mid size vehicle will handle a 4400 lb trailer.
Specifically, the Dodge Durango that you mentioned in your post has a towing capacity of 3500 - 6200 lb depending on how its equipped. With a V8, it would tow up to 7400 lb.

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When considering a vehicle's desired towing capacity assume only 80-90% of the listed rating, particularly when considering the vehicle for towing a camper. The reason is that listed towing capacities generally assume level, paved surfaces without headwinds. However, campers often tow on inclines and on unpaved roads where traction is an issue. Beyond that, consider what's being carried inside the vehicle and inside the trailer. For example, passangers add weight as do bikes and other gear. Even the hitch can add over 100 pounds. For a 4,000 camper, I suggest you consider a vehicles with at least a 5,000 pound towing capacity.
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In my mind you can never go too big or too powerful with a tow vehicle. The heavier and more power the vehicle has the more it will command the trailer instead of the trailer shoving the vehicle around.

Also keep in mind that going on vacation you are likely to have the tow vehicle and trailer loaded to their maximum. Most people forget that you need to count the weight of the people and their luggage in the car. Then the trailer will gain a lot of weight with the propane tanks full, food in the fridge, dishes in the cabinets. Notice that I left water out of it. Some trailers are specifically placarded that they must be towed with tanks empty. With some trailers you can exceed their weight capacity with full tanks and can greatly exceed their capacity if you load the trailer up. So, make sure you account for all of this when considering towing capacity.
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I would likely look at full size options first in a SUV or 1/2 ton pickup.
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May as well go ahead and start with a heavy duty three-quarter ton pickup truck with towing package. You will be wanting to go to a bigger camper in the near future.

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