Compression fittings part 2


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Compression fittings part 2

I posted some other questions about compression fittings in another thread.

still having issues with slow leaks under the kitchen sink.

I wound up cutting off the sweated on valve to get rid of old work. Got a brass craft mult turn valve with 2 outlets so I have less joints.

Put this new valve on the pipe. Tightened the compression fitting - the box says 1/2 turn after nut begins to take hold or 'bite'. Is that mean 1/2 past hand tight?

I still have a slow leak after 1/2 turn past hand tight.

If I undo the connection to check that the pipe / everything is clean, can I reuse all the parts? or the ferrule / something else needs to be replaced.?

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You might try Sharkbite instead of compression. Be sure the copper tubing isn't slightly out of round.
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the box says 1/2 turn after nut begins to take hold or 'bite'. Is that mean 1/2 past hand tight?
No, it's not 1/2 turn after hand tight. Tighten the nut with a wrench until the valve will not slide off easily, the ferrule just grabs the pipe a little.
Then tighten 1/2 turn.
If you over tighten, it needs redone with a new ferrule. Over tightening could also damage the pipe, the pipe must not have any depressions.

You will know it's too tight if you can't easily put another 1/4 turn on the nut.
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Make sure you clean the pipe just as you would if you were going to sweat it, before you slide on the nut and ferrule.

I always put a smear of rectorseal on the pipe before sliding on the ferrule, and a smear of it on the ferrule. It lubricates the nut and allows it to deform the ferrule easily to form a tight seal with the pipe and fitting. Since I've been doing that, I've never had problems with compression fittings leaking.
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