Help with fixing leak


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Help with fixing leak

I just installed a softener and whole house filter. I tapped into the main pipe coming from my well. All the joints are fine except 1. I have copper piping then I connected a piece of flex hose that runs to the softener.

Where I screw the mailers end ofthe flex hose to the female end of the copper pipe is a small leak.

I took it apart reapplied teflon tape screwed it back in and it leaked. I replace the flex house with a new one tefloned it again and about 15 minutes later small drops of water appeared and it started leaking.

I am using the same flex pipe on the other side of the softener and no leaks.

What the heck is wrong? What did I miss or how can I fix it?

I wanted to include a picture but there doesn't seem to be away to attach while using my phone

Your help is greatly appreciated in advance.
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A picture would definitely be most helpful. I can offer you picture posting help but I'm not totally familiar with uploading from a phone. I can tell you that from most phones.... the pictures are too big and need to be resized. The board has a limit. It's discussed in this link.
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You can see there is a drip there and it has been dripping since I coupled it. There is an exact joint on the our side of the softener with the exact same parts and it has been dry since we connected it.

I don't understand

Any help greatly appreciated
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Hopefully the copper adapter is not cracked. Did you torque this down to the point it may have cracked? It can happen.

Assuming it's not cracked:
-Remove all tape, it looks like too many wraps.
-Wrap three to four turns of tape to the male threads, clockwise. Apply Teflon paste or pipe dope on top of the tape.
-Snug up the fitting using two wrenches and tighten a little more.

This fitting should not leak even with only moderate tightness.
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I thought about a crack but I examined it pretty closely while it was connected but maybe it is worth changing. It was never tightened that much to crack it but you never know.

I will get some pipe dope and give that a try.

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I completely agree with Brian. A bit of pipe dope and your problems will be solved.

Current manufacturing tolerances of threaded connectors is pretty crappy, so it's likely one or both of those connectors aren't threaded exactly correctly and aren't creating a good seal on their own. The pipe dope will solve that problem for you.

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