How to fix pex connection leak - help please

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How to fix pex connection leak - help please

While in my crawlspace, I found a leaking 3/4 pex connection. Can it be re-crimped or need to be cut off and a new fitting applied? I don't presently have a pex crimper. That being said, what's the easiest or most cost effective way to approach this? Thanks for any guidance.

I did find this sharkbite connection part. Could I cut the pipe and put the old T fitting in one side and the pex in the other or do I have to replace the whole T? Is this the easiest thing to do since I don't have a crimp tool and new 3/4 crimp?

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I didn't know it but sharkbite couplings can be used on Pex.
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I would first try an aircraft (screw) type hose clamp with a hex head screw after removing the leaking crimp band. The hex head allows for greater torqueing than a screwdriver slot. If that doesn’t work, use a shark bite tee fitting. You may have to cut off the ends of the pex where the crimp bands were if the pex is deformed. If the existing pex doesn’t have slack equal to the cut off ends, you will need to insert a shark bite inline coupling with a length of pex. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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If you have or can get your hands on the tools I would replace the fitting. If you can't get the tools I would look for a SharkBite type fitting.
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beelzebob - ok, thanks for the idea. What's the easiest way to get the crimp band off? I have a dremel with a small cut off wheel. Should I use that and then place the screw clamp at the same spot or should I cut off the pex and use the clamp on that (providing I have enough slack)?


Also, I see they have $20 pex crimpers on ebay - do they work well enough to be worth considering?

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It would be a gamble that a no-name bargain crimper would work correctly.

You would do well to try to re-crimp the ferrule.
There is a measuring tool that comes with most crimpers to check for a correct crimp and it may not have been used.
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They may rent crimpers, I'm not sure as I own one. I would attempt the easiest route first and see if crimping it again works. Never had a crimp fail, but in your case, a plumber working on his back in a tight crawl space, the crimper may have shifted sideways or something and just needs the band straightened out. The bands are made of copper and should easily reform with a follow up crimp.
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I would look carefully to see if the fitting is a Zurn or Plumb-Pex. Both are known to fail.

Zurn Pex Plumbing Liability Litigation

I hope they aren't.

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