Adding a Saniflo to existing soil stack

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Adding a Saniflo to existing soil stack

I’m installing a Sanibest Pro grinding pump into a new bathroom I’m installing on the other side of the house.
The pump has 150ft range, and discharges waste over 1.5” PVC – so there’s plenty of range.

The closest (and easiest to access) waste stack is the master bathroom, and I thought I’d run the new waste through the attic and down the wall behind the toilet.

I assumed it would be a 3” or 4” cast iron waste stack, extending up into the roof as a vent.
I pulled off the wall behind the toilet and found all of that and more 😊!AiG1XjXoMk7YjrMPgHTzmnbkU58XuA

The 4” soil pipe appears to have a 4” to 3” transition about 6” long (made from cast iron). It then has a 3” to 2” transition about 3” long (made from copper, as far as I can tell)… which converts immediately to 2” copper which extends up through the roof as a vent stack. Both transitions appear to use old school oakum & lead poured seals. The whole 4” flange had also been covered in mortar which has now been cleared off.

(ignore the ½” copper at the back, running out to the toilet behind the wall – it looks like a small section of ½” copper has been soldered on to a brass 90` bend to shore it up against the vent stack to prevent movement because there was nothing else to fix it to)

Now, my question is this:
Should I remove the 3” cast iron section from the 4” waste stack, and insert a length of 4” ABS?
Should I remove the copper and install a length of 3” ABS leaving the 4"->3" transition

Would the city plumbing inspector have any concerns over leaving the old 3” to 4” cast iron transition?


So, the bloke in the plumbing shop said this will be a no-go with the inspector because wet-vents are prohibited in King County/Seattle. I don't understand why this addition makes the soil stack a wet vent...

Here's a rough diagram

The drawing on the left is the existing setup… on the right is what I wanted to do.

The Sanibest pump is independently vented to a different vent stack elsewhere in the house (closer)

I planned on taking out the 3” to 2” transition at the top of the cast iron soil stack, and inserting a new section of 3” ABS. On to that, I had planned on installing a 3” 45 degree WYE (with a 1.5” bush adapter) and run the discharge into that.

I don’t understand why this would make it a wet-stack – I’m not circumventing any traps, vents, etc… this is just the equivalent of having an upstairs and downstairs toilet on a single soil stack, but the dude was adamant.
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Your far away toilet and pump that has a vent has no bearing on the venting situation where your pump is discharging. It has to do with the vent where you want to discharge. Wet venting between floors is not permitted. Discharging a toilet (via your pump) into the vent stack above another toilet is being considered a two story wet vent.
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Discharging a toilet (via your pump) into the vent stack above another toilet is being considered a two story wet vent.
Agreed with Pilot Dane, the way you have it laid out could suck the toilet trap dry when the saniflow flushes.

Two story bathrooms will (should) always have a separate venting from the downstairs bath.

Is there any way to tie the Saniflow into your main lateral in the basement?

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