How to fill up bucket easily

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How to fill up bucket easily

Hello everyone,

I have an issue where I have a container that is about 10 gallons and sits about 12 feet away from the sink on the floor. I have to fill this thing up everyday and cannot move it closer to the sink. What would be a good idea to fill it easier? I was thinking about perhaps attaching a hose on it somehow but not sure how to make everything to code. Perhaps I could also attach some pvc pipe to the wall and have it slope down to the container on the ground; I don't care to much about appearance so that should work. Just want a safe and effective way of doing this.

Thanks you very much!
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You could get a 4 ft piece of pvc schedule 40 pipe, put a 90 degree elbow on the end then a 22 degree elbow on the other end then 8 ft of pipe to your bucket. Bring it in when you need it, take it out when you're done.
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Use ~20-feet aquarium tubing to siphon water from the sink to the bucket.

Close the sink drain, run it at a low trickle. (I'm assuming the sink has an overflow drain).
Submerge the roll of tubing under the water in the sink and get all the air out.
Hold one end of the tubing under water - either hold it underwater with a weight (coffee mug should work) OR use a rubber band on the spigot to hold the tubing pointing down into the basin.

Cover the OTHER end of the submerged tubing with your thumb, bring it over to the bucket, and it will naturally siphon water from the sink to the bucket.
When filled, either cover the flowing end with your thumb, OR bring the sink end up out of the basin of water.

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sits about 12 feet away from the sink on the floor
Or you could install a hose bib to the existing faucet, depending on what is there now, and attach a 25' garden hose, maybe shorten as desired, to that and easily fill the bucket!

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