trouble clearing pool


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trouble clearing pool

So the pool has been a lot of work this year to clear. there was a lot of algae -- more so than in the past (may have been from my dog peeing in it all winter!). I shocked and killed off all the algae but theres still been a ton of dead matter still on the bottom. been vacuuming daily and its finally getting better. actually almost there. but heres the question: I backwashed this AM and as i put the DE in the skimmer I saw it seemed to be coming right back out one of the jets. I don't remember this happening before. could it be by-passing the main filter? I did clean the main grid in the filter -- took it apart, cleaned it all out and it was plenty dirty. and when I backwash I get a ton of stuff out so it seems to be filtering something! but still troubling about the DE seems to come out. unless it was something left from the backwash? And sorry -- its an in-ground pool with vinyl liner, about 36K gallons. thanks as always!
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any thoughts on this? i probably went on a little long with the question but simply put -- despite everything being thoroughly cleaned (main filter grid, all the skimmers and baskets, backwashed etc) stuff that the filter should catch -- DE, organic matter in the pool -- seems to be getting past and coming back in to the pool. almost as if there is a by-pass to the filter?
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Are you putting the control valve into FILTER and not AUX or RECIRCULATE ?
The only bypass to the filter is the position of the multiport valve.

I'm assuming your control valve is similar to mine.

You will need about 4-6 pounds of DE Powder to coat new grids or to replace the old DE Power that is striped off old grids during backwash.

DETERMINE DE POWDER REQUIRED - Check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended amount of DE Powder. If you are replacing DE Powder after a backwash, you will not need to add the full amount - generally around 80%. The grids will have retained some of the DE Power after the backwash, and if you add too much, it may end up in the pool. The best way to assess how much DE Power to add is to monitor the pressure gauge. Stop adding DE Powder when the gauge hits your normal operational range - generally 10-13 psi.

During the early part of the grid covering process...... some DE will come back out the returns.

I live near Morristown. I keep my pool covered in the winter. I had temporarily picked up the cover and added a shot of algecide several weeks ago. I'll open it in the next week or so and it will be crystal clear. Minimal junk on the bottom to vacuum.
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Whats the make and model of the filter? I thought you add DE to the DE filter only until its 1 psi above the starting pressure..

Additionally sound like the grid is faulty or the spider gasket needs replacement if there is DE coming out the return.....
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We had the same problem a couple of years ago. Our problem turned out to be that we didn't get the top of the filter housing seated all the way. I guess it left just enough room for the DE to pass through to the out let. Once we removed and reseated the top, everything cleared up.
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Pull your grids back out and check carefully for holes and tears in the fabric, especially around the neck where it connects to the manifold.

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