sliding glass door lock

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sliding glass door lock

Some of those sliding glass door lock comes with a keyed lock.

Are those keyed lock useful at all? Does having a key hole to those sliding door lock makes it easier to break in?

What is the best way to increase security of a sliding glass door besides laying a stick down the heel of the door and jamb?
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There are locks you can install which lock the door to the track but a well-fitting stick is just about as good. IMO, the keyed lock makes it easier to get in that way but does not generally make it easier to break in that way - the average burglar is not going to pick a lock.
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Over the years I've 'broke into' lots of houses to paint. Sliding glass doors are easy to open The latch lock is often easy to jiggle loose as are the pins that some use between the 2 sections. A stick in the track is all but fool proof!
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Add a "charlie bar" along with a closet rod (stick) at the bottom. About as secure as your going to get with a glass door.
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I have a Renewal by Andersen slider to a patio that has a lock attached to the bottom of the slider. It has a steel bolt that goes through a hole in the aluminum threshold and the into a hole in the concrete floor. The hole allows the door to be locked and left open about 6". It looks like it could be added to another door if you buy one. - The same door on my elevated deck does not have it.

Combined with the weight and door stability it appears the only way in is through the IGU.

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Without a photo of OP's lock, I'll just say that theoretically a bolt that extends deep enough into the floor that the door can't be removed after lifting it off it's track as much as possible, is probably a better deal than the little hook latches typically found on the average sliding glass patio door. I would want one on the back stile as well, tho.

AND, I'd use a real snug-fitting Charlie Bar too.

As far as "locking" it in the partially-open position: unless it'll be in view of the homeowner at all times from an interior room, that's just an "open" invitation for a thief.
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Here's the mechanical lock I have on my sliding door, it seems fairly secure when locked. Obviously the particular brand probably won't be available but I'd assume that similar style locks exist.

The most important thing about sliding doors is that the door slides all the way into the frame so that a crow bar can't be placed between the frame and the door. And the glass of course.

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Does having a key hole to those sliding door lock makes it easier to break in?
No, but having a hammer or a brick does.
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XSleeeper's statement notwithstanding, if the door has a key entry from the outside, it is indeed easier to gain entry as these locks are usually no better than the typical builders grade hardware used on the other doors in the house/apartment, and often times worse.
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Patio Bolts are deliberately designed for these doors....

Easy to install and cheap too. The one pictured in the link is an Emtek. They also make non keyed versions. I fit them to the top edge of the door and it thereby doubles as a device to prevent the door being lifted off the track

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