Double Front Door Add Lock or Security

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Double Front Door Add Lock or Security

Hello all, looking for ideas on adding more security to these double front doors. I am not too handy so the more specific and detailed the better.

Thanks for any help!

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If you were replacing the doors you could order with 3 point locking hardware. That has slide bolts that engage latches at the top and bottom of the doors in addition to the normal location. There are kits that can be added but it is not an easy job.

Easier would be to add manual slide bolts to the top and bottom of the passive door (the one not normally opened. That would add a lot of rigidity to the doors making them a lot harder to kick in.

Still wouldn't stop a determined burglar, but might discourage your average door kicker.

Here's an example: Vertical Mount Square Iron Surface Bolt - Surface Bolts and Padlocks - Door Hardware - Hardware

There are many styles available.
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I will second Carbide's recommendation; On typical residential double inswing wood doors, the flush extension bolts mortised into the top and bottom of the inactive leaf are the usual weak link, assuming a deadbolt is used on the active. Next would be improving the quality of the deadbolt itself and ensuring it's proper installation. Presumably leaded glass is harder to kick in than regular double-pane glass, making the 3rd improvement of changing to a double-cylinder deadbolt less recommended. In fact, double-cylinder deadbolts are prohibited in many jurisdictions due to life-safety factors.

Alternately, some type of expanded-metal screen could be added over the leaded glass to improve it's strength.
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Strikemaster by A Safe Homes make a french door kit that is designed to prevent kick ins.

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