Replacement for mortise lock


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Replacement for mortise lock

I'm hoping someone could recommend a (much) better replacement for a Maxtech 1033 mortise lock.

7-5/8 faceplate, 2-1/2" backet, 3-23/32 spacing, deadbolt on top, apartment entry, thumb switch

Left hand, inside open (standing outside, hinges on left, lock on right).

Would like to install a very high quality lock.

Thank you very much!
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Not having heard of "Maxtech", I looked them up and the pictures show blue-colored lock bodies, which suggests they're actually made by "Marks USA", located up there in your neck of the woods. They've been around for awhile, and make pretty good stuff, and like most manufacturers, they have a standard duty and heavy duty line. Unfortunately, the 2-1/2" backset is not common among most other manufacturers, especially in the heavier duty lines, which are mostly the commercial 2-3/4" BS. However, I believe Marks makes their heavy duty mortise lock in a 2-1/2" BS. They also make a line of vandal resistant mortise locks, but not sure the BS. A full-line locksmith would be familiar with this company, esp. in New York.
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And while not necessarily a DIY project, and only if you have deep pockets, another company in your area, "Securitech" makes a line of multi-point locks, hell for stout, for high crime areas. I put an early model of one of these in many tears ago in Dallas. The lock was made in Israel back then.
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I don't know what you want in a "very high quality lock" or why you want it but if it is to deter burglars you have to look far beyond the lock itself. First thing is the door itself and the surrounding frame. Often it is almost as easy to kick in the door as using a key and in this instance anything better than a Class 3 lockset is probably overkill. If the door has a window in it that could allow someone to break it out and reach the inside knob it is still going to be easier to break the window than break a Class 3 lockset. Glass sidelights are another easy entry point as are windows reachable from the ground.

If your entry is "hardened" (not having the characteristics I previously mentioned) and there are no other easy entry points then a higher grade of lockset might be warranted. If you are worried about a burglar "picking" the lock rest assured that very few burglars have the time, skill or patience for lock picking, especially when "bumping" is so much quicker and easier. Bumping uses an easily obtainable specially cut key and a small hammer. It is almost as fast as using the key made for the lock and it takes minimal practice to be fairly good (and quick) in its application, Most locks, even so-called, "high security" locks can be bumped although there ARE certain locks with specialized internals that are less apt to be bumped by an amateur.

If it the mortise lock itself that you have a problem with you can shape a block of wood (called a dutchman) to fit the mortise and glue it in place, adding a polyester or epoxy filler to the holes in the door face snd edge then drilling the face and edge of the door for use with a cylinder lockset.
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