Exterior door locked and broken

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Exterior door locked and broken

I have an exterior door which the internal mechanism has broken. The door is closed and locked with deadbolt. I have removed the handle (shown photo) where there is only the hole for the handle and hoe for the lock portion open. I can turn the unlock at the bottom but the handle just moves freely. It will not open the door. Removed hinge pins and door will not push to the inside as the hinges are in the way. Can a locksmith help? or is there any trick to unlatching door. My last resort was to remove door trim and cut door frame to remove door. Anyone with ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure what I'm looking at but what happens if you stick something into the middle/square hole and try to turn that?
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Correct me if my assumptions are wrong, but I take it the lower hole, is where the knob (or lever) spindle goes, which operates a spring latch, and the deadbolt is operated by a thumbturn or similar, that goes into the square hole above. Question: normally, if the deadbolt is thrown, does operating the inside knob (or lever) also unlock the deadbolt, ie., one motion exit? If so, I take it this interconnection no longer works? What about the key? The key may operate the deadbolt independent from the knob/bolt interconnection. You might try putting turning pressure on the key while jiggling the door in/out/up/down, in case the door has shifted, and put the bolt in a bind. It looks like the square spindle from the deadbolt thumbturn has broken just inside the hub.

The hinge trick is more difficult if, as I see in your photo, there is little clearance between the door's lock stile and the frame; but being a wood frame, it will have some give, if you encourage it with a couple of medium crowbars. It's easier with 2 people, one spreading the frame from inside, the other being ready to give it a kick from the outside. You probably won't accomplish this without some minor pry-marks, and scuffing as the hinge knuckles rub across the door's edge, but it's usually the least damaging way to open the door.
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I think my term "crowbar" might be more correctly called a "pry bar", which is thin enough to wedge between the door and frame
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The part of the lock that is engaged doesn't look like a dead bolt.
Could the part that is stuck be moved with a putty knife or small screwdriver ?

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